Interpretation of results as it relates to an INDIVIDUAL PATIENT’S DRUG REGIMEN addressing the following:

  • What are common drugs metabolized by each enzyme?
  • Is there a problem with the patient’s current therapy?
  • What are the latest recommendations for adjusting doses based on genetic information?
  • What are offending agents to avoid in the future for this patient?
  • Guidelines/Protocols available?

As point-­of-care providers and drug experts, pharmacists are uniquely positioned on the healthcare team to educate providers and patients about interpreting and applying the results of pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenomics shows great promise for predicting drug response in individual patients for treatment of a variety of disease states.

As a pharmacist-founded and pharmacist-run company, we understand the needs of your patients.  Chronic medications and diseases plague our nation’s patients.  We aim to partner with you to shift the emphasis from reactive medicine to preventive medicine. Physicians and pharmacists together can work toward taking medication management to a new level of effectiveness and accuracy.

Strategic relationships have been developed with top physicians and healthcare industry associates to lead collaborative, cutting-edge research projects, provide clinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics education and training, and advise clients on the application of pharmacogenomics in their patient population.